DOS Driving School at Coolaroo

It is believed the name ‘Coolaroo’ originated from the Aboriginal word meaning ‘brown snake’. This suburb was part of a larger area that was acquired by the Housing Commission in later years. 

Unlike other suburbs that had an early start, Coolaroo began its development in 1966, relatively a late bloomer. Present-day Coolaroo is a residential as well as an industrial area. The balance created by this mixed development has given the area convenience as well prominence as a suburb that has more to offer. As with any place that has industry in its vicinity, Coolaroo has the obligation of sharing its roads and streets with conventional traffic as well as industrial ones. 

This presents a real challenge to learner drivers as they try to negotiate and navigate themselves in a fast-moving as well as dense traffic stream. The demographic features of Coolaroo are included in our structured learning approach. The instructors construct the lessons based on this information. The lessons begin from simple driving techniques to handling complex techniques in driving. 

Our instructors take time to identify problem areas a student may have such as anxiety or nervousness and will address these issues by giving the self-confidence and knowledge they need to handle any situation. 

We ensure our students are comfortable asking any questions they may have during their training sessions. This approach of training assures a high success rate when students face their final test. 

Our combination of professionalism and experience has led many students to put their trust in DOS Driving School.  

As educators, we are able to provide the finest in driver education. If you’re a resident in Coolaroo, call us on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson.

03 8738 5185
0490 049 705
8:00am to 8:00pm
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