DOS Driving School at Hallam

34Km from Melbourne’s CDB, Hallam is a mixture of industry and trade. Although little is given about Hallam’s history, it seems likely that during it’s formation years, the residents were mainly skilled workers who found employment in the industries within Hallam. 

Today while Hallam still has it’s industries, it is also a well-populated residential suburb.    Along with industries, comes the challenge of dealing with wide-bodied trucks and flat beds. This mode of transportation although essential, can be quite intimidating to the new driver. Having to share a road with massive trucks going parallel can unnerve the most experienced driver. Hallam has posed many challenges to our experienced instructors at DOS Driving School. 

But we treat these challenges as part of a better learning experience, which we include in our syllabus. Our male and female instructors are familiar with the road network in Hallam and impart this knowledge to their students as part of the students structured learning experience. 

DOS Driving School is one of the oldest schools in Melbourne with over 18 years of experience. Have we got you interested? Then call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package.

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