DOS Driving School at Melbourne

The capital for commerce and trade. And of course Australia’s largest city. Melbourne wasn’t always the largest city. In fact, Sydney was ahead in that race. It was only in 1880 that Melbourne overtook Sydney, making Melbourne the center for banking, insurance and other commercial activity. 

As we all know it, Melbourne is a melting pot of so many cultures, traditions and heritage. Needless to say, driving in Melbourne can be equally difficult as the suburb’s diversity itself.  Very modern and busy, the inflow and outflow of daily traffic is overwhelming not just for a student driver, but for experienced ones too. This is even more pronounced during rush hour.  

Our instructors at Melbourne consider the demographics very seriously and pay special attention to situations that evolve all the time and identify them as areas of concern for student drivers. 

Unsurprisingly student drivers find the influx of pedestrians on the streets quite unnerving. Our dedicated instructors make a special effort to pay more attention and to bring about a sense of confidence to the students they train here.  

The insightful and instructional lessons we incorporate for training students in Melbourne benefit them for a lifetime. While we believe passing the test is just the tip of the iceberg, driving in a city like Melbourne can provide the students with a wealth of experience they may never learn by driving in any other city.  

Melbourne being the commercial capital of Australia, the DOS Driving School instructors are proud to be here as qualified drivers in this big, bustling city. We are also delighted to be able to help those requiring professional driving lessons.  

If this city presents a challenge you can’t overcome as a driver, let DOS do the talking. Come enroll with us and experience the assistance we have on offer.  Call us now for quality driving lessons on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package or lesson.

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