DOS Driving School at Mount Waverley

A large suburban area and made famous for its heritage streets, Mount Waverley is a beautiful residential suburb with many amenities.   Driving in Mount Waverley is somewhat intimidating to new drivers because of its numerous inner roads as well as cars that stay parked on the side of the road. Many student drivers may find this not only intimidating but sometimes confusing when learning to drive in this suburb. 

With its high elevation, mount Waverley is a suburb with some unique features considering its landscape.  The DOS Driving lessons in Mount Waverley ensure that students gather knowledge about the landscapes and what its presents along with the challenges to be mindful when driving on the roads and streets. Since Mount Waverly is a large suburb, it is expected to have an higher density of traffic during rush hours and weekends.

Demographical changes like this can radically upset the mindset of a new driver if they are not prepared to handle situations like this when driving. With over 18+ years in the field of conducting driving lessons within this suburb, DOS Driving School structures its lessons to instill confidence as well as enhance a student's skills at all levels of driving. Our male and female drivers are attentive and approachable. Our students have given DOS Driving School many good ratings on both Google and Facebook. Read the testimonials and decide for yourself. You will be glad you chose DOS Driving School over the rest, simply because we’re professionals!    Click on this link to access our packages page, or call us on 03 8738 5185 to book lessons in Mount Waverly.

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