DOS Driving School at Noble Park North

A part of Noble park, Noble Park North is a smaller suburb with an estimated population of approximately 7500. 

Like its big brother, Noble Park North is a suburb with a rather dense layout. Obviously, this means there is heavier traffic to deal with. The busy streets, intersections and crossroads, are challenges a new driver may have to deal with. 

Our trained instructor team is well versed with the Noble Park North area and identify unique suburban features that require a bit more attention when training students to provide them with the best learning. With a professional instructor team at the helm, we pride ourselves on the expert advice and training we are able to provide our students. 

Testimonials from our students on Google and Facebook is proof of the high learning standards we adhere to.  Our policy of professionalism extends to all students interested in learning with us. If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Noble Park North, call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click on this link to book a package.

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