DOS Driving School at Ringwood North

Development for Ringwood North began a bit late in the day. To be precise, somewhere in 1960s. This lengthy development plan was more or less completed by the 1990s.  The delay in development for Ringwood North was probably a good thing. Today this is a thriving suburb with many residents and a town with excellent facilities including sporting activities. 

The DOS Driving School instructors are professionals in the Ringwood North area. Beginning from basic lessons to advanced ones, our instructors are the ideal trainers to provide a holistic training regime. Their calm and confident driving instills ideal learning capability for the student. Ensuring students develop confidence and new skill development is our main goal. This will enable them to face the test without being nervous or anxious.  

With structured learning, the DOS driving lessons in Ringwood North come in an array of flexible options to choose from. Click on this link to navigate to our packages page. You may also take time to visit our Facebook page to see our student review. If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Ringwood North, look no further, call us up on 03 8738 5185.   

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