About us

With a well-established 18 years in the field of driver education, we are humbly appreciative of the fact that many of students have put their confidence and trust in us when it comes to learning to drive. As an institution that educates the public about road safety, vehicle safety and people safety, DOS takes its line of work very seriously.

We operate in over 120 suburbs in Victoria and have over 2000 students who have completed their tests successfully. DOS is proud to be able to share their success story along with ours.

Our student friendly environment ensures a harmonious relationship between the instructors and students. It’s no surprise we have many students contacting us for their lessons. Professionalism being the pillar of our success, we build our training sessions based on this ethic. Our instructors are highly experienced individuals with years of training behind them. Their blend of professionalism, knowledge, and friendly disposition makes the instructors at DOS stand out against the rest of the competition. We also have many of instructors residing within the suburbs we serve. This makes them even more capable as instructors, with an intricate knowledge of their own neighborhood.

A constantly updated syllabus ensures our structured teaching content stays current, and complies with the rules and regulations stipulated by the Australian government for all driver education institutions.

We are open on all weekdays and weekends. Visit our Facebook page or check out Google search to view reviews, ratings and testimonials.

Come experience the difference with us at DOS Driving School, quality non can match.

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