Driving Lessons

Melbourne Driver TrainerAnyone who wants to learn to drive safely and confidently and wish to have a lifetime of safe and enjoyable driving experience DOS Driving School is the right choice for your Melbourne Driving Lessons

We understand the difficulty in learning new skills and we take this into account to ensure that all our driving lessons delivered in relaxed and comfortable environment. All our instructors are fully qualified and experienced to guide you through the learning process to make you fully prepared with the skills and knowledge required for your driving test. All our lessons are conducted on the local roads to provide ease when taking your test and we will keep you informed on your progress of acquiring driving skills. Our instructors will also arrange to pick you up and drop you off at your choice of location.

Book your lesson now with our online schedule or purchase prepaid lessons or bundles from our online shop.

Service Automatic Manual
1 Hour Lesson $60 $65
1.5 Hour Lesson $85 $95
City Driving Lesson  $225  
5 x 1 Hour Lesson Pack  $285  
5 x 1.5 Hour Lesson Pack $410  
10 x 1 Hour Lesson Pack $550  
10 x 1.5 Hour Lesson Pack $790  
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