What to expect in the first driving lesson?

Written by Viv Man

You would want your first driving lesson to be a memorable one wouldn’t you? And of course to most of us, it is. Perhaps it might be a nervous first, meeting your driving instructor, getting behind the wheel, listening to instructions as you drive, these might seem a tad bit overwhelming on your first day.

Overcoming any anxiousness might be a good way to begin your first day at driving school. And here are few tips to help you feel more relaxed before you begin.

  • Wear comfortable shoes – Comfy shoes is always a good idea in any stressful situation. Wearing tight and uncomfortable ones could stress you out even more. Loafers, sports shoes, clarks, these might be a better choice to select from. But keep in mind, slippers, loose fitting sandals, flip flops are not recommended. In fact they are considered hazardous footwear when driving.
  • Don’t forget your glasses, if you are a wearer. Having good line of sight is priority when driving. If you do wear glasses, remember to keep them handy and wear them when driving. Also remember to get your eyes tested for your glasses prior to driving. Keeping your vision is important, particularly for those who wear eye glasses.
  • Take along a bottle of water. This will not only keep you hydrated, but will also help you relax when certain stress situations arise.
  • If you do have a provisional licence, do keep it handy. This will be important if you are required to show proof of your driving ability. Most probably your instructor may request for this at your first lesson as proof. Keep in mind that you may not be able to drive if you do not have the licence with you. 
  • Do not smoke or drink any form of liquor prior to your lesson. It will be an immediate disqualifier.

Now you’re ready, what next? Getting behind the wheel may take a little longer. Your driving instructor will take you to a lesser crowded or larger expanse of an area where you are free and relaxed to begin your first lesson and learn the basics. Here are some basics that will be taught.

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Should I teach my teen how to drive?

Written by Viv Man

Should I teach my kid to drive?

Our parents are role models to us in what they say or do. We, as children, try to imitate and copy them. Whilst this is a norm in any family, it might be different in some occasions. One of them for instance is when learning to drive. Being a parent who drives and believes that he/she can drive well, often instils this thought trend to their offspring. But this can be quite a terrifying experience when it comes to teaching your child to drive, especially if a parent has bad driving habits and is blissfully (and dangerously) unaware of it.

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Can you learn to drive in a month?

Written by Viv Man

Melbourne Driving School

If you’re a teen, then you’re likely rearing to go on a drive on your own. If you’re older than that, perhaps in your 30’s or even middle aged, you may want to take things a little easier and get used to the vehicle you’re driving properly before speeding off on your own, you may even want to get your driving skills updated or improved.

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