DOS Driving School at Box Hill 3128

If you’re already a resident of Box Hill, you’re probably aware of the tricky situations when driving around heavy traffic, especially when it’s rush hour. With busy intersections, shopping malls complexes, and hospitals within the area, when it comes to learning to drive, a student driver may find this scenario absolutely chaotic! Driving around busy suburban areas such as Box Hill requires proper learning and skill development to be a proficient driver . 

We at DOS driving school are well aware of Box Hill and the challenges it poses to our student drivers. As a beginner driver, you will find our instructors friendly, highly competent in their teaching, as well as understanding individual capabilities of the students they teach. Once you are comfortable with the vehicle, it’s feel, and confident on how to handle certain situations, lane changing, negotiating roundabout traffic,  you will progress on to other leveled up driving such as navigating through heavy traffic, coping with faster lane traffic, etc, to hone your skills even further. 

If you’re an experienced driver and looking to update your driving skills, look no further, our skilled instructors will gladly help you out. Newer driving techniques are being added all the time, at DOS Driving School we’re updated with the latest information for the syllabus. Our instructor team provides concise and precise information that really addresses your areas requiring a bit of polish up. 

We at DOS Driving School can give you the best training on offer. Check out our driving lessons, packages and their schedules. We give you the flexibility to choose to suite your price and your schedule. Come learn from our experienced instructors and drive like a boss. 

Look no further, call us up on 03 8738 5185   or click this link to book a package.

Service Automatic Manual
Single 60 Min Lesson $55 $65
Single 90 Min Lesson $80 $95
Single 2.5hr City Driving Lesson $225  

BOX HILL Lesson Packs

5 Hours

5 Lesson Pack 

  • 5 Driving Lessons
  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Save $10

10 Hours

10 lesson pack

  • 10 Driving Lessons
  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Save $30
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