DOS Driving School at Braeside 3195

Like most suburbs in Victoria, this area was all predominantly farmland before its transformation began 30 years ago. Since then, Braeside has grown and is today recognized as an industrial-based suburb. However, along with its industrialization, Braeside is also known for the Braeside Nature reserve which incidentally takes up almost half a portion of the suburb. 

With industry at its helm, many of the residents may find themselves looking at their own means of transport than depending on trains and trams. This demographic clearly instates the need for much-needed driving schools to cater to a growing need of young people looking to take up driving on their own.  

Also, it could mean that Braeside is a very busy place at times and challenging for learner drivers. It is vital For learner drivers they are familiar with the area they practice in.  At DOS we pride ourselves on having experienced instructors at our Braeside driving school who are very familiar with the area.

The DOS Driving School Instructors are professionals capable of teaching students the finest techniques in driving. Moreover, they train the students with the goal of passing the driving test.  Handling the vehicle at varying speeds, navigating in heavy traffic, and parallel parking, are just some of the skills they will learn. 

In Braeside, we consider it our privilege to be able to provide a structured learning approach to students while making Australian roads a little more safer. Braeside is a suburb that DOS prides itself on its accomplishment in driver training. 

Come, join us and see what more DOS can offer. Contact us on 03 8738 5185 to make your booking via our office to book a package or lesson.

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