DOS Driving School at Bundoora 3083

Bundoora was Aboriginal territory and the name 'Bundoora' is thought to be an Aboriginal term that describes a plain where kangaroos live.  Subsequent land divisions occurred as settlers began occupying the area and began farming activity. 

A very large suburb, Bundoora has an equally large population. Along with this large population, trams, cars, and other industrial traffic make the Bundoora roads, streets, and inner byroads a busy place by all means. 

With many inquiries for driving lessons, the DOS team is in full force in Bundoora. A significant portion of young drivers are seeking to obtain their license and we are glad to be able to assist them in successfully achieving it. 

Our structured lessons cover areas such as navigating on narrow roads, in heavy-density traffic, being aware of pedestrians, and unexpected emergencies that can occur in crowded city settings. With our experienced instructors by their side, students can expect to have lessons conducted in the most professional as well as safe manner guaranteeing the safety of every student. 

As an educational institution, we are proud to have our expertise stemming from over 18 years of experience in this field. Undoubtedly the best, we are here to stay in Bundoora ensuring safe driving is the way to the future. 

Come join us and enroll at DOS Driving School. You’re a winner with us. If you’re a resident in Bundoora, call us on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson.

Instructors in Bundoora 3083

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