DOS Driving School at Chelsea 3196

Crystal clear waters, soft white sand, soft waves on a beach with almost no people…now doesn’t this sound like a distant tropical island destination? Oh well it is…in a way. This is Chelsea. And what better way to describe a suburb that is famed for its lovely beaches.  

Chelsea obviously has wonderful reviews based on its geographical features. And this is why many people choose to come by Chelsea during the weekends or any other holiday.  Apart from the beaches, Chelsea is also known for comfortable shopping and proximity conveniences. Along with the conveniences, comes the rush of traffic. We think this is one reason that we have had many inquiries at DOS for learner driver lessons.  

At DOS Driving School we give our learners the opportunity not just to get the feel of the vehicle, but more importantly, we give them the opportunity to handle certain difficult situations while our instructors are by their side. This not only builds up the skill levels of the student driver but also enhances their skill levels.  In a suburb like Chelsea, where the hustle and bustle is quite high, we allow our students to experience how to handle such situations without losing their cool at the wheel.  

Our instructors are well-experienced trainers who will teach the students calmly and coolly to handle any situation. We call this a structured approach to driving.   Our lessons are structured to cover the basics such as navigating the roundabouts to the intermediate skills of changing lanes on busy highways. 

If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Chelsea, call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson.

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