DOS Driving School at Clarinda 3169

Clarinda’s journey of transformation began with a humble squatter’s licence. John O’Shannessy obtained a licence for 40,000 acres in the mid 19th century, which he passed on to two brothers named John and Richard King. From there on, the transformation to farming land in Clarinda began. 

 With a rather mixed community and culture, we at DOS Driving School find it interesting that many of our clients are Indians, Greek, Cambodians, Sri Lankans, and Vietnamese. With this diversity, we thirive on it and so do our instructors who are eager to teach other nationals how to drive and be independent. Currently, many people in the are do travel by bus or tram. Our lessons are culture friendly and so are our multi culture instructors. Coming from various parts of the world, they are highly qualified and capable personnel. They are friendly and will calmly guide in your driving lessons, teaching you the essentials in making a good impression at the test and passing it.  Our driving lessons in Clarinda are structured to cover the more complicated driving on Warrigal Road and Princes Highway during peak hour traffic.

 ‘I had a great experience with DOS driving school’, these were comments given by a past student of ours. We encourage new students to enroll at DOS Driving School and see yourself passing the test with ease! 

 If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Clarinda,  call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or click here to book a lesson online. 

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