DOS Driving School at Clayton South 3169

Recognized as one of Australia’s largest centers for science and technology, Clayton South was also home to an iconic Volkswagen assembly plant during that time. 

Today Clayton South is a commercially developed suburb with many busy side streets, byways and roads. Driving around in Clayton South can be rather tricky. Narrow roads, side streets and negotiating around other vehicles is a tricky deal for any learner driver. 

At DOS Driving School we try to provide the best possible training for student drivers in dealing with difficult roadways and situations that are challenging. Our instructors are professionals who are well versed in the area they instruct with excellent driving experience. They are friendly and patient people, and students will find easy it to learn from them. They will help you get through your drive test with ease. With our flexible payment plans to choose from, you can be the boss of your learning experience. 

DOS Driving School is the place to go to if you are serious about passing your driving test. Come experience us, you will not only be amazed by our service, but will be sure to recommend to your friends too! 

If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Clayton South,  call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson!

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