DOS Driving School at Croydon South 3136

Located 27km east of Melbourne’s CBD, Croydon South can be considered a well-balanced mix between country and suburb. With a shopping strip, other commercial assets, and schools within the Croydon South suburb, it offers ideal living for the residents. 

Most often every suburb has its unique share of geographical features along with the challenges that it poses, which may seem an intimidating image to new learners. Our talented instructors build their teaching methods based on their personal experience as educators and the intricate knowledge of the area they operate in. At Croydon South, the mix of highways, main roads and as well as side streets are challenging driving conditions a student driver will have to learn. 

Our past students give the best recommendations we could hope for. Their reviews on Google and Facebook are inspiring testimonials to us as well as other students too. 

If you’re looking to qualify as a competent driver and pass the driving test. Come and enroll at DOS, you’re a winner. Join today, we are committed to teaching students at Croydon South to drive and pass their driving test. 

Call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson.

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