DOS Driving School at Dingley Village 3172

It’s interesting to know how Dingley village got it’s name from an early settler Thomas Attenborough, he built a house 1856 which he named as ‘Dingley Grange’, after a name that originated from Northamptonshire in England.

 Dingley is known for it’s country-like atmosphere, having said that, there has also been a rapid change in the suburb with shopping centers, golf courses and schools coming up. So even though it might seem rather easy driving here, Dingley can be a challenge to a new driver trying to learn the basics of driving.  

Our instructors at DOS Driving School have identified the challenges posed in this unassuming suburb and have created a well-structured learning syllabus to suit any new driver wanting to obtain their licence in Dingley. Residents of Dingley Village, the instructors are well aware of the suburban layout and the road network. We offer a full range of learning experiences to our students where they will not only feel comfortable with our friendly and supportive instructors but also build their skill levels and confidence in no time at all.  

Each suburb or city poses challenges that are unique to that area, at DOS Driving School we do our best in addressing all the issues that could be a challenge to a student driver. We are proud to have our past student’s feedback about the learning experience they have had and successfully passed the final test.  

Come, become a part of the DOS Drive family, we’ll make sure you’re a winner right from the start! If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Dingley Village, call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package online.

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