DOS Driving School at Doveton 3177

Like many places and suburbs in Australia, Doveton was named after an early settler, known as Captain John Doveton. 

With Dandenong following the industrial revolution, Doveton became a housing estate in the 1950’s era. Being a well-planned township, Doveton still has those by roads, narrow streets and of course the inevitable parked cars on the sides of the road. Although it may not seem out of the ordinary to the experienced driver, student drivers might find driving around in these narrow streets and streets with cars parked on them, a bit too intimidating. 

Teaching to drive can be a unique experience both to the teacher as well as the student who learns. Our instructors in Doveton are a specialist team who take extra effort to know their student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

At DOS Driving School we are proud of our instructors and their teaching ability which has certainly contributed to our popularity among the students and residents in Doveton. Read their reviews on Google and our Facebook page to see what they say about DOS Driving School. 

If you’re serious about learning to drive, we’re serious about teaching you how. Come experience the difference, you’re sure to like it! 

Thinking of taking up lessons in Doveton? Call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson!   

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