DOS Driving School at Dromana 3936

The name Dromana is believed to be of Irish origin. The Irish came to Australia as Gold prospectors in the early 1800s. 

A picturesque suburb, by all means, Dromana is seated at the foot of Arthurs Seat hill. A pleasant suburb by the beach, highly residential and a resort town, this place is an ideal holiday getaway. Needless to say, Dromana has its ample share of visitors. Many visitors make their way to Dromana for the weekend and leisure. 

It is only common knowledge that this beachside suburb is virtually ‘crawling’ with traffic at most times, especially in the city areas. As in all our evaluations, DOS sees the potential of educating learner drivers to help them cope when driving on crowded roads, streets, and negotiating roundabouts.  Anxiety and nervousness can overwhelm many new drivers when conditions on the road aren’t ideal, especially when its overcrowded. Getting over these emotions and learning to think rationally during times of stress takes experience. 

Our instructors are personnel having years of experience behind them. With our instructors by their side, students gain confidence along with their scheduled syllabus learning. From the responses, we get from our students, we see how much they have gained by training under our dedicated instructors.  

As educators, we are motivated by the feedback we get to do even better. Come gain the experience many students have had. 

Make the smart choice and enroll at a driving school that literally goes the ‘extra mile’. Call us now for quality driving lessons on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson.

Instructors in Dromana 3936

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