DOS Driving School at Hampton Park 3976

Developed after the first world war, Hampton Park is one of the older suburbs in Melbourne. Along with the development and new activity, many of the roads have become a bit too cluttered for comfort. 

Driving on a street that has ongoing roadworks can be challenging even for experienced drivers. While this can be a challenge, our instructors look at these scenarios as super opportunities to train our student drivers.  Navigating through narrow streets, having to deal with large trucks on the same lane, and much more traffic than usual, is a good training ground for the new drivers. 

With our highly trained instructors to assist them, our learner students are given the confidence to negotiate any situation that may arise while on the road. Our driving lessons in Hampton Park are structured to provide learners challenges that are  addressed at all stages of their driving. 

Our instructors in Hampton Park provide a stellar service by ensuring that students have a stress-free learning environment to develop their skills.  

DOS Driving School takes pride in not only being a pioneering driving school in Melbourne, but also in the fact that our students highly commend our service as the best they've experienced. Come and see the difference. Call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package !

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