DOS Driving School at Heatherton 3202

With a healthy mix of industry and residential areas. Heatherton is well known for its beautiful estates, parklands and the community spirit of its people. It is also sought after by those looking for a quite lifestyle with all the amenities.  Although it’s got a smaller population than other suburbs in Victoria, it’s a busy one.  

With warehouses and industries bringing in more traffic, a learner driver can find getting used to driving a little more challenging than expected. The driving instructors at DOS are experienced drivers who know the Heatherton area well. Learning to drive in a suburb like Heatherton needs little introduction, however, there are some areas that need specialized training when navigating busy streets, narrow streets and roadways. 

Driving through roads that are rather crowded, especially within the city limits can be tricky and would need a professional’s guidance ensuring safe learning that complies to road rules.   DOS Driving School selects only the best instructors who are not only professionals in their trade but are friendly and easy to learn with. They are trained to calmly guide the students in their learning while instructing them to achieve and progress towards their goal of passing the final test. Our driving lessons are cost-effective with flexible plans made to suit your busy schedule. 

With our experts at the forefront, you’re a winner when you ride with our instructors at DOS. We love seeing our learner drivers become competent and safe drivers, making the roads of Heatherton and anywhere else a safer place.  

If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Heatherton,  call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson!

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