DOS Driving School at Heathmont 3135

Located towards the East of Melbourne, Heathmont was originally a suburb with apple orchards that lined from one boundary to another.  

Present-day Heathmont has transformed into a busy suburb, with its population growing rapidly. Heathmount can be a very busy place at times, particularly when considering the peak hours, and during rush hour. In turn, this can be a challenging place for learner drivers. 

When learning to drive, it is vital that students are familiar with the area they practice their driving skills in. This is why we have experienced instructors at Heathmont who are well versed in the area.   

The DOS Driving School Instructors are friendly & helpful. Their professional approach helps students to pass the driving test with ease.  Handling the vehicle at varying speeds, navigating in heavy traffic, reverse and parallel parking, are just some of the skills they will learn. 

In a suburb like this, we consider factors such as its layout, route map, city and road structure to construct our lessons.  

The DOS Driving School ethos is achieving both the student’s and instructor’s objectives successfully, and that’s to make our roads a safer place. 

Come experience our personalized service, you’re sure to be amazed. If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Heathmont, call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a lesson or click here to book a package.

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