DOS Driving School at Hoppers Crossing 3029

Did you know that Hopper Crossing was named after a gatekeeper? Her name was Elizabeth Hopper. Both she and her husband Stephan served the  Australian railway faithfully for over 30 years. Until about the 1960s Hoppers Crossing was mostly farmland with great expanses of pasture and greenery.

Following the 1970s, Hoppers Crossing saw a sudden increase in the development of the suburb. And present-day Hoppers Crossing is a residential suburb with all the amenities.  

Driving in this suburb is easy. However, there are the usual challenges that learner drivers need to pay attention to. Some of them are, driving on a narrow street, with heavy traffic, and pedestrians. While these mostly act as a deterrent for new drivers, the DOS team makes these challenges work for them when training students. 

These real-life driving challenges are ideal to make a student learn what they may face when they drive on their own. During the learning period our instructors will be by the side of the student at all times and patiently guide them with all the driving maneuvers.  We ensure the safety and care of all our students and strictly abide by the regulations of the Australian law. 

With many inquiries coming from the Hoppers Crossing suburb, we encourage those awaiting to obtain their license to come to enroll with us and experience our professionalism and expertise. 

Call us now for quality driving lessons on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package or lesson.

Instructors in Hoppers Crossing 3029

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