DOS Driving School at Huntingdale 3166

Originally owned and inhabited by Aboriginal tribes, Huntingdale began its journey to modernization as a small suburb in the early 20th century. Huntingdale was known as Oakleigh East during it’s formation years, and subsequently got it’s current name much later. 

As small as it is, Huntingdale is a busy suburb. With a rather busy road network coupled with shopping strips, it is hardly questionable why it might be somewhat daunting to a beginner to drive around in Huntingdale. Busy streets are seen as an ideal training ground by our instructors. The challenges presented here are a good opportunity to build confidence and skill levels in new students. In small suburbs, we try to cultivate the ‘careful driving’ mindset, along with navigation techniques that will be useful when they are on their own. 

The instructors at Huntingdale are well versed with the suburb and provide the best possible insight be it the pros or the cons of driving around in Huntingdale. As a learner driver, you will be taught the basics to begin with, start and stop positioning, sudden stops and a whole lot more of driving essentials. 

Our structured learning ensures students gather all the required knowledge stage by stage without overwhelming them. If you're looking for a driving school, look no more. We’ve got over 18 years of experience in this field as well as the best possible instructors to do the teaching.  

Call us or visit our website and you’ll be glad you did. So if you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Huntingdale,  call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package!

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