DOS Driving School at Lynbrook 3975

Considered as a rather newer and smaller suburb, Lynbook Heights as it was called at that time, was a land allocation done by the Urban Land Corporation in 1999. And today, it is a bustling suburb with many primary schools, highways and offices.  

At DOS Driving school, our driving instructors are well versed with Lynbrook and its surroundings. Their knowledge and experience of driving in Lynbrook has been vital in establishing a good training ground where students can safely train. Driving in heavy traffic, negotiating narrow roads, streets and roundabouts are some of the exercises that students train for. 

With the guidance of our friendly and supportive instructors, students are expected to be confident in their driving skills in no time. In addition to providing the students the theoretical knowledge and information of the test criteria, our instructors at Lynbrook are professionals and skilled drivers themselves with extensive driving knowledge to guide our students to successfully completing the course and passing the test.  

Our drive training packages allow flexibility, varying to suit students and match their method of learning. We assure our students a solid learning experience. Come join the DOS, the Drive School with a personal touch. Call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package at Lynbrook.

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