DOS Driving School at Lysterfield 3156

The settlement in Lysterfield began in 1838. Following the instating of a primary school, Lysterfield was officially named in 1874. 

An attractive suburb with parks and lakes, this suburb is celebrated for these beautiful landscaped like scenery. In addition to its natural beauty, Lysterfield has a host of activity that attracts many, especially during weekends and extended holidays. Being a sought-after residential suburb, residents make up a significant part of the crowd that patronizes Lysterfield and its surroundings.  

This is the very reason our instructors at Lysterfield have their hands full with many student drivers inquiring and enrolling with DOS. We are glad to be able to assist and coach these new drivers who are seeking the best in learning through structured driving lessons.  Driving in a crowded suburb on narrow roadways, with heavy traffic, and pedestrians acts as a deterrent for new drivers.  Making matters even more complicated, is when it is rush hour.

Beginner drivers no doubt will find our instructor’s teaching just the remedy for dealing with anxiety and nervousness during their first drives in situations like this. While being highly competent in their teaching, the instructors are able to understand the distinct learning abilities of the students they teach.

We assure our students of the best possible tutoring that enriches their knowledge about road rules and the vehicle they drive. Our structured learning process also provides perspectives on road safety and driver courtesy as well, which we believe is vital when driving especially in the present-day context.  

Be a smart driver and enroll with us at Lysterfield. Call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a package.

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