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Conquer Meadow Heights with Confidence: Choose DOS Driving School!

Ready to cruise Meadow Heights' charming streets, master parking at Epping Plaza, and ace your VicRoads test on the first try? Buckle up with DOS Driving School, your local experts in navigating this vibrant Melbourne suburb!

Experience, Affordability, and Success:

With over 30 years of empowering Victorian drivers, we know Meadow Heights' unique blend of residential convenience and easy access to major roads like the Hume Freeway. From mastering reversing near Plenty River to handling peak-hour traffic on Somerton Road with confidence, our highly qualified instructors, including male, female, and multilingual instructors, tailor lessons to your specific needs and budget. Graduate as a confident driver, ready to explore all that Meadow Heights offers, at an unbeatable price thanks to our flexible packages and individual lesson rates.

98% Pass Rate: Ace Your VicRoads Test Like a Pro!

Boasting a stellar 98% first-time VicRoads pass rate, we equip you with the knowledge and skills to conquer any Meadow Heights driving scenario. Parallel parking near Meadow Heights Primary School? Easy. Merging onto the busy M80 Ring Road? Smooth sailing. With DOS, navigating Meadow Heights' diverse traffic with confidence is closer than you think.


Nervous Beginner? Build confidence from scratch with our structured beginner courses.

Seasoned Driver Seeking a Refresher? Hone your skills with adult lessons focused on defensive driving in suburban environments.

Teens Gearing Up? Our supportive environment helps young drivers gain confidence behind the wheel, preparing them for Meadow Heights' specific challenges.

Overseas License Conversion? We'll help you navigate the process smoothly, ensuring a seamless transition to Victorian roads. 

Gift Vouchers: Give the Gift of Freedom! Surprise loved ones with a DOS Driving School gift voucher - the perfect present for any Meadow Heights resident looking to hit the road. 

Keys2drive Lessons: Complete your program with confidence with our experienced instructors and get ready for on-road learning in familiar Meadow Heights environments.

Female Driving Instructors: Request a female instructor for added comfort and understanding.

Automatic/Manual Car Driving: Master the skills you need, whether you prefer the ease of automatic or the thrill of manual.

Defensive Driving Courses: Enhance your skills and stay safe with advanced techniques.

Night Driving Lessons: Conquer your anxieties and gain confidence navigating Meadow Heights' streets at night.

And More! We offer a variety of additional services to ensure your driving journey is smooth and stress-free.

Our comprehensive range of driving lessons cater to all needs and skill levels, including:         

Adult lessons - Our qualified, experienced, and patient instructors will assess your needs and create a personalized training plan to help you become a confident driver.

45 minutes lessons - beginners and intermediate drivers Our 45min driving lessons are designed to help you become a safe and confident driver. Our experienced and patient instructors will tailor each lesson to your individual needs and skill level.

60 mins Lessons - Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced driver looking to refine your skills, our 1hr driving lessons are designed to help you become a safer and more confident driver.

60 minutes lesson - Intense Drive Test Preparation Overcome driving test anxiety with our 1hr intense preparation training. Personalized attention and practice in challenging situations boost confidence and increase success. 

60 minutes lessons - beginners and intermediate drivers Master the basics of driving and gain confidence behind the wheel with our 1hr driving lessons. Our experienced instructors will provide personalized attention and tailor each lesson to your individual needs and skill level. 

90 Min Lessons - Our 1hr driving lessons are an investment in your driving future, empowering you to become a confident and safe driver. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle, ensuring a seamless learning experience that aligns with your availability.

90 Minutes Lessons - Our 1.5hr driving lessons are an investment in your driving future, empowering you to become a confident and safe driver. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle. DOS's experienced instructors will help you master the basics and to navigate complex road situations.

90 minutes lesson - Intense Drive Test Preparation Are you nervous about your upcoming VicRoads Drive test? Feeling unprepared and unsure of what to expect? Our one and a half hour intensive drive test preparation lesson is designed to give you the confidence and skills you need to pass your test with flying colors.

90 minutes lessons - intermediate drivers 1.5hr Driving Lessons: Elevate Your Driving Skills, Refine your driving skills, boost confidence, and master the road with our 90 min driver training. 

Advanced Driving Lessons - We offer a comprehensive range of driving lessons tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Our experienced instructors are patient, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing you with the highest quality instruction.

Automatic Car Driving - Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced manual transmission driver seeking a smoother transition, our Automatic Car Driving lessons are tailored to your individual needs and preferences. We'll adjust our pace and instruction based on your comfort level and learning style.

Automatic Driving Lessons - Navigate the road with ease and confidence by learning to drive an automatic transmission car. Our expert instructors will guide you through every step of the process, from mastering the basics to handling advanced driving techniques.  

Automatic Driving School - Our Automatic Driving Lessons are meticulously designed to transform you into a confident and skilled automatic driver. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every step of the process, from mastering the basics to handling advanced driving techniques.  

Autism Driver Training - Empowering individuals with autism to become safe and confident drivers. Tailored instruction, personalized support, and a nurturing environment foster driving success. 

Beginner Drivers - Embark on your driving journey with personalized instruction and comprehensive training. Lay a solid foundation in driving essentials, gain hands-on experience, and become a safe and confident driver.  

Beginner Driving Lessons - Our experienced instructors will guide you through essential driving skills, traffic rules, and safe driving practices, ensuring you become a confident and responsible driver.

Behind The Wheel Training - Experience behind the wheel training in our dual-control car. Enjoy convenience with pick-up and drop-off from your chosen location. Flexible timings cater to your schedule, ensuring regular, tailored sessions for comprehensive skill development.   

Car Driving Training - Get confident and skilled behind the wheel with our car driving training program. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, our driving instructors will guide you through everything you need to know to become a safe and responsible driver. 

Conversion Overseas License - Enroll in our Overseas Driver's License Conversion Program and experience the convenience of seamless mobility as you embark on your Australian adventure. Our instructors will equip you with knowledge of all the road rule changes and skills to navigate Australian roads safely and confidently.  

Corporate Driver Training - Our corporate driver training program promotes fuel-efficient driving practices, proper vehicle maintenance & adherence to company policies. This results in reduced fuel consumption, minimized vehicle wear & tear, extended asset life, contributing to significant cost savings for your organization.  

Customized Driving Lessons - Our instructors are highly experienced and patient, and they are passionate about helping people learn to drive skillfully, safely and confidently. They will create a supportive and encouraging learning environment where you feel comfortable asking questions, practicing & honing your skills.  

Defensive Driving - If you are looking to improve your defensive driving skills, consider taking a defensive driving course. These courses provide comprehensive instruction on defensive driving techniques and can help you become a proactive, Intelligent and a more confident driver. Drive safely and responsibly! 

Drive Test Only - If you need our services on the Drive test day, we will meet you 1hr before your VicRoads test at the branch. Get familiar with the route, ask last-minute questions, and calm nerves with our practice drive. Our instructor will sit beside you during the test while the examiner observes from the back.   

Drive Test Packages -  Our VicRoads Drive Test Packages are designed to help you prepare for and ace your VicRoads drive test with confidence. Whether you're a beginner driver or looking for a refresher course, we have a package to suit your needs. Looking for a last minute refresher practice? We are here to help!  

Drive Test Prep - Ace Your Drive Test with Our Comprehensive Drive Test Packages. Gearing up for your driver's test? Our meticulously crafted VicRoads Drive Test Packages are designed to equip you with the skills and confidence to ace your VicRoads Drive Test and become a safe and responsible driver.  

Drive Test Preparation - Prepare for your VicRoads Drive Test with targeted practice on test areas and routes. We focus on common failure points, guiding you on correct actions. Meeting at the VicRoads branch optimizes practice time on the test area, ensuring readiness for success.   

Driver Assessment - Our Driver Assessment is an invaluable tool for improving your driving skills and enhancing your safety on the road. Whether you're a new driver or seeking to check whether you are VicRoads Test ready , this assessment will help you understand where you are at right now and what needs to be done.

Driver Assessments - Our driver assessments aim for first-time VicRoads Drive Test success. Pinpointing deficiencies, we tailor practice to drive test criteria, ensuring focused improvement in specific areas. Prepare efficiently for a confident and successful test attempt.   

Drivers Lesson - Comprehensive Driver's Lessons Our driving lessons are designed to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to become a safe and confident driver. Whether you're a complete beginner or just need a refresher, our experienced, patient, friendly instructors will help you reach your driving goals.

Drivers Licence - Unlock the freedom and independence of driving with our comprehensive VicRoads Driver's License Preparation Program. We'll equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to ace your VicRoads driver's license test and become a safe and responsible driver.   

Driver’s Licence - Whether you're a first-time learner or an international license holder aiming to pass the VicRoads Drive Test, DOS Driving has seasoned instructors. Our training targets your specific deficiencies for a comprehensive and successful path to obtaining your driver's license.   

Driver Licence Testing - We are committed to preparing you for success in obtaining your VicRoads Driver's license. Our Driver Licence Testing program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to ace your practical test. 

Driver Training - Join our Driver Training program and embark on a transformational journey that will empower you to become a master of the road. With our expert instructors, personalized instruction, and a comprehensive curriculum, you can be confident that you are receiving the finest driving education available.  

Driver Training Program - Our Driver Training Program lays a solid foundation in the principles of road rules, traffic signs, and safe driving practices. Engaging in one on one sessions led by our expert driving instructors will equip you with the theoretical and practical knowledge to navigate the roads with assurance.  

Driver's Trainers - Unleash your potential as a driver with our comprehensive Driver's Trainers Program. Gain proficiency and confidence from our expert instructors, hands-on training, and in-depth curriculum. We will shape you to be a safe and a responsible driver.  

Driving Courses - Our experienced instructors tailor lessons to your needs, ensuring you gain the skills and confidence to ace your Vicroads drive test and navigate the roads like an expert. 

Driving Education - Become a skilled and responsible driver with our comprehensive driving education programs. Our experienced instructors, equipped with modern teaching techniques, will guide you through every step of the process, from mastering the basics of car control to navigating complex traffic situations.   

Driving Evaluation - Our driving evaluation measures your skills against VicRoads Drive Test standards. Identify weaknesses, focus on improvement, and gain the confidence and skills needed to ace the test with proficiency and assurance.    

Driving Exam - Congratulations on reaching the final step towards obtaining your Vicroads Drivers license – the driving exam! At DOS, we understand the importance of this milestone and are committed to providing you with the comprehensive preparation you need to ace your exam and become a skilled driver. 

Driving Learn - Becoming a confident and skilled driver is your gateway to mastering the art of driving. Our meticulously crafted curriculum, coupled with our team of experienced and certified instructors, ensures you gain the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience to navigate any road condition on scenario.

Driving Licence - At DOS, we believe that obtaining your driving license is about more than just passing a test. It's about empowering yourself with the independence and freedom to explore new opportunities. We're here to guide you every step of the way, from your first lesson to receiving your VicRoads License.

Driving Lesson Packages - Driving is a valuable skill that opens up new opportunities and freedoms. Whether you're a teenager looking to gain independence or an adult seeking to improve your driving skills, our driving lesson packages can help you achieve your goals. 

Driving Lessons For Teen - Learning to drive is an exciting and empowering experience for teenagers. It opens up new opportunities for independence and freedom. However, it's crucial to prioritize safety and develop responsible driving habits from the very beginning.   

Driving Lessons Near You - Are you looking for high-quality driving lessons near you? Look no further than DOS Driving School! Whether you are a nervous beginner or an experienced driver looking to refresh your skills, our team of experienced and certified instructors will help you achieve your goals.   

Driving License - VicRoads Drive Test can be tricky even for the most experienced driver's as the testing criteria is very different to an everyday drive from point A to point B. We highly recommend that you book a lesson in to see where you are at and discuss any deficiencies you need to work on that is tested.   

Driving License Sessions - The journey to getting your license involves more than just watching a few videos on youtube or watching someone else drive. It's about learning the correct skills from professionals as supposed to bad habits. You can go in for the VicRoads drive test confidently and pass with ease, first go! 

Driving Program - Our comprehensive driving program run by our very experienced, patient, friendly instructors is designed to empower you with the the right knowledge, good driving skills, and confidence to become a safe and responsible driver in any condition on any road.     

Driving School Packages - Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned driver looking for a refresher, we have the perfect lesson packages to help you drive on any Australian roads confidently knowing that you have the correctly knowledge and the skills to drive in any condition or scenario.   

Driving School Training - Learning to drive is not just about passing the VicRoads Drive test; it's about gaining the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking to drive defensively to counter any issues faced either by other road users, weather or road conditions or challenging scenarios including complex intersections.  

Driving Test Preparation - Preparing for your VicRoads Drive Test involves familiarizing yourself on the test routes in the testing area. A 90 minute training session in a dual-control car is beneficial. Understanding road rules and practicing maneuvers in a controlled setting greatly enhances your chances of success.

Driving Tests - VicRoads Driving Test evaluates various criteria like observation, control & decision-making. Common traps where students falter include improper signaling & lack of awareness at intersections. DOS Driving School boasts a high pass rate, ensuring thorough preparation and guidance for acing the test. 

Driving Training - Experience matters in driving training. DOS Driving School, with over 30 years of expertise, employs tried and tested methods using dual-control cars to efficiently teach students. Trust in our seasoned approach for comprehensive and successful driver education.     

Driving Training For Learners - Master driving from your first lesson to acing the VicRoads Drive test. Gain the fundamentals and theoretical knowledge crucial for safe driving. Our comprehensive training covers both theory and practical aspects, ensuring you're equipped for success on the road.     

Dual Control Car Hire - Our dual control car hire includes a small hatchback with excellent visibility, extra mirrors, and dual controls—ideal for learning. Paired with a DOS instructor, it ensures a safe, guided experience, prioritizing your learning and confidence behind the wheel.     

Dual Controlled - Discover our iconic blue coloured fleet of dual-controlled small hatchback cars, designed for optimal visibility and easy maneuverability. Our cars ensure safety during lessons, while their compact size makes them easy to control. Enjoy the convenience of pick-up & drop-off at your nominated address. 

Female Driving Instructors - Our team comprises experienced and talented female driving instructors, dedicated to fostering a friendly and supportive learning environment. We advocate equality and empower learners to excel behind the wheel, ensuring top-notch instruction for all.   

Free Driving Lessons - Experience the freedom of learning with our free introductory lesson, part of the Keys2Drive program. As authorized instructors, DOS Driving School is thrilled to be part of this initiative, providing invaluable skills for safer driving at no cost.  

Friendly Driving Instructors - Join our friendly, experienced driving school. Male/female instructors, fluent in English/Sinhala. We're patient, professional, and on-time. No yelling, only motivation. We ensure you're prepared to pass your VicRoads Drive Test. Our team is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.   

Foreign Driver's - Specializing in foreign drivers' licence conversion to Victorian License. Prepare with us at VicRoads branches on actual test routes. Our dual-controlled cars and experienced instructors ensure you're test-ready. We focus on the testing area, guiding you to confidently convert your licence. 


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