DOS Driving School at Notting Hill 3168

Stemming from England, the name Notting Hill was given by Thomas Wilkinson as an early settler who made this area between Oakleigh and Fern Gully his home. Much has been said about this small and beautiful suburb. Residential and quiet, it is a preferred place to settle down for a peaceful family life. 

Because of it’s proximity to Monash Uni, Notting Hill has a significant resident population of students as well.  Driving around in this rather small suburb can seem idyllic, but when the rush hours kick in, it can be quite a busy and congested ride. DOS Driving School brings the best from both worlds and combines them into a unique driving experience for learner drivers. 

With the suburb having its own characteristics, our highly trained instructor team is well versed in the challenges new drivers will have to deal with. As educators in the field of driving, we focus on promoting safe driving habits. Navigating through heavy traffic, busy intersections, and pedestrians are some of the areas we cover.  Students will begin with the basics of driving and then proceed to learn advanced techniques to deal with any situation that may arise when driving. 

As a driving school that has over 18 years of experience in the trade, we assure our students will not only enjoy their training with us but also build up their skill levels and confidence. With professionals in the lead, DOS driving school is a customer-centric institute. 

Like many others, if you are thinking of getting your driving license, come try us out. After all, it’s the most professional and best learn to drive experience you can have in Notting Hill. If you’re thinking of taking up lessons, call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package.

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