DOS Driving School at Oakleigh 3166

Interestingly Oakleigh is known to have had a strong Greek influence during its formation years. Understandably this was due to early migrant settlers who were a mix of various nationalities. 

A quieter suburb loved by its residents for relaxed living, Oakleigh is also hub and is kept busy with a constant flow of traffic movement. The large shopping malls located within its cityscape draw in a significant crowd, especially during peak times and the weekends. This rush can be inundating if you’re stuck in traffic during these times.  

The geographic features of Oakleigh are carefully integrated with our structured learning approach. The instructors carry out the lessons based on this information. The lessons cover simple driving techniques, right up to handling the more complex areas of driving. Particularly in Oakleigh, the focus would be how to handle your vehicle during peak periods. 

Our skilled Male and Female drivers ensure students are at ease during their training sessions and patiently guide them to develop their driving skills as well as confidence building. This approach of training assures a high success rate when students face their final test. Our combination of professionalism and experience has led many students to put their trust in DOS Driving School

As educators, we are able to provide the finest in learning for student drivers. If you’re a resident in the Oakleigh area and looking to take lessons in Oakleigh, call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click on this link to book a package.

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