DOS Driving School at Oakleigh East 3166

Located 16 km from the Melbourne CBD, this suburb consists mainly of residential sites with a few commercial or industries scattered around. With a smaller population than Oakleigh, it also has a diversely mixed community.

 Known to have smaller strip shopping malls, Oakleigh East is not the ideal large-crowd cityscape drawing in crowds. However, during the weekends this can change dramatically.   At DOS we assume the crowd build-up happens during weekends just like in many suburbs and we structure our lessons to suit this rush. Our instructors in Oakleigh East encounter many students who are nervous to drive within the city. We attribute this to the narrow streets and crowding that occurs during a rush period. 

Our assurance to teach students the best they can get always stands comes with our 18-year-old dedication in this field of work. And our instructors are committed to accomplishing just that. With their constant follow-up and experienced teaching, we have many success stories of students passing their drive test in Oakleigh East. 

With testaments like that, we encourage new students to come experience the professionalism at DOS Driving School. We are glad to be able to provide the best learning to student drivers. 

If you’re a resident in the Oakleigh East and looking to taking up lessons, call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click on this link to book a package.

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