DOS Driving School at Oakleigh South 3167

After the Second World War, Oakleigh South began its expansion into rural outlying lands. Development consisting of housing and other amenities followed quickly. 

And today Oakleigh South is a well-established residential suburb. Driving around in the beautiful suburb is a delight. With many roads, connecting roads and streets, cruising along can be a fun affair for the experienced driver, but a nightmare for the not-so-experienced. 

Its common knowledge that the road network in Oakleigh South can be somewhat intimidating and hectic to a new driver. The instructors at DOS are well aware of this dilemma. Overcoming such issues is what we at DOS Driving School do on a daily basis. Our syllabus includes various scenarios that deal with a number of issues students may face. 

With an experienced DOS instructor by their side, students are encouraged to practice various maneuvers and other driving essentials. This will give them the real-life experience they need when facing the driving test.  DOS has been commended time and time again by the students and their guardians for the road tests done with an instructor by their side. The assurance of safe learning is one of our strengths. With over 18 years in this business, we are proud to offer a complete package of driving as well as safety to our students. 

Are you wanting to get your license  in Oakleigh South? Then look no further, call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click on this link to book a package. You will only be glad you did.

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