DOS Driving School at Officer 3809

Situated in Aboriginal country, this suburb was named after early settlers, the Officer family. Subsequently various industries began and one of them being a timber industry carried the name ‘Officer’s wood’. This term seemed a bit too lengthy and was later changed to Officer. 

Fast forward to present day, Officer is a suburb that’s developing rapidly. With many housing estate projects being constructed, Officer is a hub of activity. This onset of suburban development has brought an influx of traffic in addition to many roads, intersections and roundabouts.  

At DOS, our structured lessons take into account these new developments and induce proper driving skills and confidence in its students. Our experienced and highly qualified instructors will calmly guide you to navigate and understand the various challenges that pose as a part of driving. With both male and female instructors in our team, we are committed to educating learner drivers and making them safe as well as confident drivers. 

With updated syllabus material, students can expect to learn the latest driving techniques. Come experience our level of driver education and be the best you can be. Call our hotline on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package or lesson!    

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