DOS Driving School at Pakenham East 3810

Named after a British Major General, Sir Edward Pakenham. In 1837 Pakenham East was officially named as a suburb. Present-day Pakenham East has grown rapidly and has a host of new development projects, such as housing, malls and roads. 

The addition of traffic caused by various construction projects has caused the streets of Pakenham East to be somewhat crowded. This can be challenging for student drivers and may cause anxiety. From covering the basics of driving to progressively familiarizing students to higher demanding driving skills, our experienced instructors will enhance the skills of a learner driver to the level of a fully-fledged one within a very short period. 

Many student drivers are nervous during their first few drives. Navigating in crowded roads particularly can be hard. Our instructors at DOS Driving School are well versed in the area and can provide valuable insight to students that will help them get rid of their anxiety. 

In addition to providing the students the theoretical knowledge, and information on the test criteria, the instructors help build the confidence levels of the students.  Student reviews bear testament to the professionalism and dedication of our instructors. 

With these core principles in mind, we are glad to be in Pakenham East helping provide valuable driving lessons whilst making the community a driver-friendly safer suburb. 

Call us now for quality driving lessons. Call us now on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson.

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