DOS Driving School at Pakenham South 3810

As we are aware Pakenham was named after the famous British Major General Sir Pakenham. Before it was renamed, this area originally belonged to the Aboriginal people, more precisely, the Boon Wurrung people who were the custodians of the land. 

Pakenham South has a sparse population and is currently undergoing development. The geography here presents large expanses of land. The roadways are mostly free of traffic and allow fast travel through the streets. 

This may seem as the ideal scenario to a driver. However, fast driving is always a risk and knowing how to manage the speed and keep to stipulated speed limits is essential. DOS instructors in Pakenham South have constructed the lessons based on these suburban conditions. Maintaining appropriate speeds, handling the vehicle correctly, and knowing how to slow down in time while estimating hazards are all part of our lessons.  

The Pakenham South instructors are professionals and skilled drivers themselves with extensive knowledge of the area. With the planned development for Pakenham South, learning to drive correctly at intersections, roundabouts and narrow streets is also an added requirement. And these have been included as a part of our curriculum. 

Be a smart driver. Come learn with us. Call us now for quality driving lessons. Call us now on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson!

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