DOS Driving School at Pakenham Upper 3810

A part of the original Aboriginal territory, Pakenham upper remained in its original form for a long period than its bigger cousin Pakenham. Which meant an undeveloped area. Of late though amenities including a community hall, riding, and cricket clubs have been a welcome addition to the residents of this suburb. 

 Like Pakenham South, this suburb also has a sparse population. With ongoing development and many more projects on the cards, Pakenham Upper will be a populous suburb with many residents and amenities in the near future. The DOS team in Pakenham upper pays special attention to the fast driving habits of drivers in this suburb. The large expanses of land and fewer traffic roadways may seem ideal to drive on. However, there is always a risk attached to it when a vehicle travels fast. 

Our instructors amend their training to suit these conditions for safer manageability when driving. Especially how to handle a vehicle at high speeds as well as looking out for hazards. With the up-and-coming development for Pakenham Upper, DOS Driving School will be focusing on even more programs that include many more learning options as well as packages. Watch out for them and you will be amazed at the availability and range of our lessons 

 Come learn with us. Call us now for quality driving lessons. Call us now on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson!   

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