DOS Driving School at Ringwood 3134

Welcome to the home of Cadbury chocolate, renowned footy clubs, and beautiful parks! During its founding years Ringwood was an agriculture based area, but today it stands tall as an ideal suburb for residency as well as commercial conveniences such as malls, colleges and other amenities around the corner. And yes, the roadways and streets do get quite busy at times.  

In every suburb we operate, we consider the demographical information as the indicator to base our training on. This plays a critical role when we construct our structured lessons. Driving around on the overcrowded roads of Ringwood can be somewhat overwhelming. Intersections, roundabouts, and narrow streets are some of the challenges a student may have to encounter. Whilst this may seem a bit daunting,  we believe it enhances the learning experience by allowing students to familiarize themselves with real driving conditions while in the presence of an instructor.  Our presence in Ringwood has allowed us to establish a faithful customer base. With professionalism being our core strength, students are in safe hands when they enroll with us. As a learner driver in this suburb, we offer the be the best learning experience a student can have.   

Being residents of the area surely has it’s benefits especially when you are an instructor. And this is very evident where our driving instructors are concerned. Local knowledge of the roads, streets, bridges and townscapes, are a great asset when it comes to guiding students in their road-based lessons. We try to make every learning experience a memorable one. At Ringwood, we aspire to do this even more. Our friendly and highly experienced instructors have demonstrated their capabilities in teaching driving lessons to many learners who have in turn given us excellent reviews and feedback. 

If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Ringwood, look no further, call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson.

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