DOS Driving School at Ringwood East 3135

A highly residential suburb located 25km East of Melbourne.  Farming was the way of life in this area until the second world war. Following postwar recovery, urbanization ensued in rapid residential and township development. 

Present-day Ringwood East is a well-populated residential suburb. With ample amenities including restaurants and hospitals, residents, as well as visitors, patronize this suburb and its town for their daily requirements. This influx of traffic and pedestrians cause a significant crowd density within the city, particularly during rush hour and on weekends.   

Driving around in busy suburban areas requires good navigation skills. This can be quite a challenge to a learner.  At DOS driving school, we look at challenges that are educational to our student drivers. Learning to drive in dense traffic allows the student to quickly assess a situation and react accordingly. 

Beginner drivers will find driving and learning with our professional instructors invaluable. Their guidance will provide the necessary driving techniques for various traffic situations while developing the skill levels of the student driver.  

If you’re thinking of taking up lessons in Ringwood East , look no further, call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package or lesson.  

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