DOS Driving School at Scoresby 3179

The development of Scoresby began in the 1870s and was named after the Arctic explorer William Scoresby. Scoresby existed as a swamp which was subsequently drained making way for pastureland.  A large suburb, by comparison, Scoresby is mostly industrial with a smaller residential community of market gardens. This makes this suburb somewhat unique. 

The demographics indicate a rather busy suburb when it comes to road traffic with density increasing during the weekends and holidays. Of course, during weekdays the peak hour traffic brings in a significant number of vehicles to the streets, which obviously would mean crowded streets and roads.  

Teaching students to be confident and road-wise when traffic poses various challenging situations is our forte. With years of experience and professionalism behind them, our instructors come with the expertise to help students in any situation. 

We make it a point to exercise extra attention and care to every student we instruct.   Come experience our technique of teaching. With 18+ years of experience as educators, we carry out our work the right way. Call us on 03 8738 5185 to book lessons in Scoresby.

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