DOS Driving School at South Morang 3752

Just like many of Australia’s suburbs, South Morang gets its name originating from the aboriginal language. And it means ‘sky’ or ‘cloud’. Known for its fertile soil, South Morang began its existence as pastureland for the pioneering farmers in the early 1800s.  

South Morang is a suburb that can be considered beautiful. With an abundance of greenery and lakes, feels like a place people want to go for a holiday. With a mix of beauty and modernity, many public places such as pubs, and entertainment centers are plenty. 

This good balance of nature with modern living attracts many visitors and entertainment seekers to the area.  Needless to say driving around in this suburb is challenging and student drivers may have found this a little more intimidating than they would like to. 

At DOS Driving School we take time to initiate our students with information and research we have gathered about the area. This knowledge transfer helps students understand what they can expect when driving in South Morang. 

Challenging situations are present in any suburb, and in the event of such an occurrence, we train students to deal with these circumstances. Navigating in high-density traffic, narrow streets, roundabouts and intersections are some of the challenges they will be faced with. 

Come experience our professional training. You will be glad you enrolled at DOS

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