DOS Driving School at Sunshine 3020

Situated a little outside the borders of Melbourne, it is a mix of residential as well as industrial buildings. Considered a low-density residential suburb, Sunshine is known for convenient transport options such as the V/Line and Metro services along with its bus interchange located in close proximity. 

With many industries in the area, many heavy and light vehicles are seen on the streets of Sunshine. This can be an intimidating scenario for new drivers. In most instances, crowded streets, roadways, and intersections are notoriously reputed as the main cause of driver-related anxiety and nervousness. 

Learning to handle these emotions takes experience as well as a cool head.   While busy streets are the ideal training ground for students, they must be accompanied by experienced instructors. The DOS instructors cultivate the ‘careful driving’ mindset to instill confidence and skill-building along with navigation techniques that will be useful when students are accomplished drivers and drive on their own.  

The instructors at Sunshine are well familiarized with the suburb and are able to provide driving insight into this busy suburb. Student drivers will learn the basics to begin with and proceed to advanced techniques in driving. This structured learning process comes with the DOS assurance of a high pass rate at the driving test.  

Be a smart driver. Enroll with DOS to be a better-skilled driver than the rest. Come experience professional training.  Call us now for quality driving lessons on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson in Sunshine.

Instructors in Sunshine 3020

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