DOS Driving School at Wantirna South 3152

One can only imagine the beauty of this area in the early 1900s. Orchards were in plenty in Wantirna South. With ample greenery and luscious fruited trees, this must have been a sight to see. 

Present-day Wantirna South sadly has lost some of its natural beauty with many of the orchards long gone. However, development in this suburb has been kind and thankfully Wantirna South still retains much of its charm. Wantirna South is considered a convenient and popular place to live at. With many residential areas, families find this suburb ideal for a relaxed lifestyle.  

Driving lessons at Wantirna South are carefully prepared to assess and address all levels of a student’s driving capability. This would mean from beginner level to those who have had prior driving experience. Our instructors recognize the importance of training students to be safe and sensible drivers.

 Practical learning while in the presence of our highly experienced instructors will allow the student to get the feel of handling a vehicle as they navigate between other vehicles. Situational awareness is also a vital part of learning to drive. Knowing what to do in a certain situation such as an emergency, might even save the life of a person or persons. 

As an experienced driving school with over 18 years in this field, we firmly believe in covering all aspects of driving. If you want to be like the hundreds of students we have trained successfully, come enroll at DOS Driving School

Be a smart driver.  Call us up on 03 8738 5185 or click on this link to book a package. 

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