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Our goal is to make safe driving affordable and fair for our customers. We know that cheap lessons aren't good, and good lessons aren't cheap - but we've found ways to save our students some money and time!


1 Hour

Single Lesson

  • 1 Driving Lesson
  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Automatic


5 Lesson Pack 

  • 5 Driving Lessons
  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Save $10

10 Hours

10 lesson pack

  • 10 Driving Lessons
  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Save $30

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What makes us the best driving school?

Our prices are fair - our lessons are professional - our cars are safe - our instructors are accredited - and our students are successful.

  • Automatic & Manual Driving Lessons
  • Accredited Driving Instructors
  • Free Pick-up and Drop-off

Free Driving Lessons - Keys 2 Drive

Keys2Drive is an Australian Government funded program for the learner driver, driving instructor and parent/supervisor to learn the road safety together. You can learn more about the program here.

Step 1

Obtain a lesson ID from Keys2Drive by registering online..


Step 2

Create an account on our system and add your ID to your profile!

Create Account

Step 3

Contact us and we will get you scheduled for your free lesson!

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Frequently asked questions

Are all of your instructors certified?YES! of Course.
Do you have female driving instructors?Yes! WE proudly do.
Can you help me get a foreign drivers licence?We sure can!
Do you offer weekend or night driving lessons?Absolutely.


 This place has good teachers, they are smart and they teach Muselk how to drive. I recommend this place to the bois and you bois should learn how to drive.


Great teaching and patient, friendly instructors. Highly recommend.


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