You must ensure the following before approaching your instructor's car:

  • Wear a suitable COVID Safe mask, covering your nose and mouth
  • Wear enclosed shoes (no slippers or shoes that have your toes exposed)
  • Have your license with you at all times
  • Ensure you are COVID Safe (not a COVID positive case, no COVID symptoms, have a normal temperature, are not self-isolating/quarantining, no exposure to a confirmed COVID case in the last 14 days and are not awaiting COVID test results)
  • Scan the car's QR code provided by your instructor
  • Use hand sanitiser upon entering the car, provided by your instructor
  • Lesson packages must be fully paid for prior to sitting the first lesson in your package
  • Test bookings must be fully paid for before the session time.

If you do not satisfy any of the above, the instructor has the right to refuse you entry into their car. If you have any concerns on the above, please contact your instructor to have them addressed.


Once a student has confirmed their booking on the day prior, the student will have until 6pm on the prior day to cancel the lesson without incurring any cancellation fee.

The summary below outlines what the client forfeits when cancelling a lesson:

0% if the student cancels the lesson up until 6pm on the prior day to the lesson.
50% of the lesson fee if the student cancels the lesson after 6pm on the day prior and up until 2 hours before the lesson booking time.
100% of the lesson fee if the student cancels on the day of the lesson within 2 hours of the lesson booking time.

The above fees are with the instructors time and energy in mind. There a lots of students who will compete for your booking slot and the instructor needs to be able to cater for this as practicably as possible.

Cancellation wavers are at the discretion of the driving school and sufficient evidence must be produced to satisfy this. (eg. medical certificate, special circumstance, bereavement, etc).


Students are sent a confirmation message one day prior to their lesson at 8am. 

The lesson is confirmed by clicking on a link in the message, and the instructor is notified of this. 

Any lessons that have not been confirmed are followed up by the instructor by the end of the prior day to clarify confirmation. The instructor can manually confirm a booking after clarifying confirmation with a student via phone call or text.

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