Driving School VicRoads Drive Test Preparation Packages - Experienced Driver - Crash Course + Test (Automatic) at DOS Driving School

Experienced Driver - Crash Course + Test (Automatic)

Price: $430.00

Are  you an experienced driver and you're about to take the driving test? Then this package is especially for you and it includes : 

1) Two 90-minute drive lessons on the VicRoads branch test routes. 

2) Practice drive on the VicRoads test drive road for 45 minutes. 

3) A 15 minute debrief. 

4) On the day of the test, a pre-test drive lesson will be conducted just before you proceed to the actual drive test. 

This extensive pre-test training is a refresher that will  give you the confidence to be comfortable at the test. The skills you've learned will be second nature after this pre-test practice drive. This lesson pack ensures you're on your way to passing the test. We wish you good luck!

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