DOS Driving School at Melbourne CBD

Melbourne CBD is probably better termed as the ‘gear wheels of Australia’. The greater metro area as we know it is the commercial and banking hub of the country. With over 5 million residents, which roughly translates to 19% of the population of Australia, the Melbourne Commercial Business District is vibrant as a city and is ever-evolving.  

As any instructor might correctly advise, Melbourne CBD is not the place for a learner to drive around. The highly dense traffic consisting of various commuting as well as industrial vehicles poses a rather intimidating image which would certainly give any learner driver the jitters. However, with a well-experienced and knowledgeable instructor by their side guiding and providing step-by-step instructions, the CBD is a good learning ground. The DOS instructors fit the bill of being well experienced with insight into every conceivable situation that may arise.  

With Melbourne CBD being a city having many high rises, we anticipate an additional challenge. High risers look almost identical when in proximity. Many inexperienced drivers find themselves confused and disoriented when trying to navigate to their destination in this concrete jungle. Although GPS puts you in the right direction, even then it could be disorienting. As student drivers it's always best to learn from a professional how to find one’s way around by keeping an eye out for prominent landmarks along with a sense of direction. Learning these skills will be a part of the curriculum we teach here in the Melbourne CBD suburb. 

At DOS we carry out a concentrated study of any suburb we instruct. The demographical and geographical information we obtain is used when constructing our lessons for each suburb. And Melbourne CBD is no exception. Students can expect well research information that helps them with their lessons as they learn the intricacies of driving in crowded cities and towns. 

Take up the city challenge and learn to drive expertly on crowded roads, streets and byways. DOS will give you the necessary skills to do just that.  

Call us now for quality driving lessons on 03 8738 5185 or click here to book a package or lesson in Melbourne CBD.

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