DOS Driving School at Springvale

Inhabited for thousands of years by Australia’s indigenous people, the Aboriginal people, Springvale was founded by its foreign settlers in the mid-19th century and aptly renamed for its springs of water. 

Fast forward a couple of centuries, and today Springvale is a busy large multicultural suburb that can be a rather hectic place to drive into.  If you are a learner driver from Springvale and you’re nervous about driving around in such a crowded suburb, it’s time you looked for a good driving school and instructor. 

At DOS Driving School we evaluate our instructors on their experience, performance, and most importantly familiarity with the area they are required to carry out the lessons. Being familiar with the area we believe, is a definite advantage not only for the instructor but also for the student. 

When the instructor is conversant with the road layout, they are able to choose the roads and streets that seem more suitable for the learner driver to practice their driving, depending on their confidence at that time. The instructor is then able to gauge the progress of the student. And the student learns to be rid of the fear of meeting with accidents and will be comfortable in the vehicle. This allows them to build up their level of skill.  

Navigating through traffic, learning how to drive in crowds, and most of all building up your confidence, these are easily achievable through our time tested and structured driving lessons. Come and experience what it means to learn with DOS Driving School. Enroll today. 

Are you a resident in Springvale and looking for the best  driving school? Look no further, call us up on 03 8738 5185 to book a package or lesson!

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